Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Baby + Chocolate Cake!

My dad was a new year's baby, so we get to celebrate double time each January 1.  This year we got together just like we always do at Mom and Dad's.  One thing is different, though.  My perception on birthdays, or any day for that matter.  I think sometimes we take each day for granted.  We think we are always gonna wake up the next day and keep trucking through this thing called life.  But that's not really the case.  Each day is a gift and I am grateful for each and every day I get here on this Earth.  So, this birthday for my dad was a little different.

First of all, I always make dad a birthday cake.  As a fellow chocoholic, I seek out a new chocolate cake recipe to try out and share with him and the rest of the family.  This years' recipe was simple, yet delicious!

here's the link if you ever need a chocolate fix:
Easy, best homemade chocolate cake recipe! You'll use it again and again. With fast chocolate frosting (with 4 minute video tutorial start to finish!). This combo is a winner!

Dad's gift this year was not your typical gift. It was special--kind of homemade you could say.  I've seen pictures with the Paul Harvey poem "So God Made a Farmer" and right away my dad came to mind.  I even read that poem at my Grandpa's funeral, so it really is special to me and my family.  So I came up with an idea to try and put that poem with a picture of my dad doing what he does best--farming!  This fall when the kids went for their annual ride with dad I took pics with my phone and hoped for the best. With the photo skills of my sister in law she was able to put the poem on the picture and I uploaded it to create a one of a kind gift.

When Dad opened it today, he said "I have a combine like that....oh that's my combine."  It was priceless.  So, I hope he enjoys that gift as much as I do.  It's memories like that that make me so grateful for another day to be able to share them with the people I care about most.  So, as we begin another year, let's focus on the things in life that really do matter most: family, memories and being happy-- more so doing what makes YOU happy.  Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Challenge Final Week results

Well those four weeks just flew by!  It's been a great challenge group and a great springboard for me to build on my passion for helping others!  I have learned some great tools that I hope to pass on to YOU!  below are my 30 day progress pics. I didn't take any "before" pics cuz I thought I wouldn't see much of a difference. Boy was I wrong!!

I still have 30 days to go with the PiYo program and I am so excited to see what the 60 day results are!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Well, it's Christmas night and I am sitting here feeling so blessed and happy. I have a healthy loving family and that is the best gift of all!  We spent the day at home working here and there on a few projects, watching Home Alone for the upteenth time, and helping the kids set up all their new gifts.  Randy made deer loin wrapped in bacon for lunch, along with twice baked potatoes and corn. Yum!

We didn't have a white Christmas which would have been nice, but I am NOT complaining! The weather has been warmer than normal and I just hope we don't pay for it later!!  It was nice to not have to bundle up so much to go out for a walk this afternoon.

Yesterday Randy and I both worked for a part of the day and came home to have our own family Christmas.

Last night we spent it with our family on the Sabelka side.  As always we had a wonderful time.

Wishing you and yours a fabulous holiday season!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Challenge Week 3

As we wrap up week 3 of the challenge I am feeling better than ever!  More energy, feeling leaner and longer thanks to the PiYo program.  I am loving it and hoping that I can help YOU too to reach your fitness goals.  Check out my facebook page or on Instagram.  Send me a message to learn more!  I look forward to hearing from you!!

Let the Chaos Begin!

We had our 2nd Christmas gathering at my parent's house yesterday.  With 8 kids under the age of 10 it was loud and chaotic, but a fun time none the less!  We had an excellent meal of prime rib, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, Oriental salad, fresh bread and chocolate for dessert!  YUM!  The older kids even got to help with cleaning up the kitchen and drying dishes in efforts to get to opening presents faster.  Ha Ha.

The kids are looking foward to a short week and the a break from school.  It seems like they ALL are needing a change up in routine.  Funny how that can be.  They will be busy with Holiday parties and Merit Day at school this week, weather pending. I hear we have some yucky weather headed our way.  Love winter in Iowa.....ok not really, but what do you do!!  Here's to a short school/work week and to celebrate the REAL reason for the season!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Concert #3

The 3rd and final concert of the season was held on Monday night. Eryn's first band concert.  As you can see she plays the flute.  I wouldn't say she loves it but is definitely learning a lot from it!  We are very proud of her!

Staying Healthy with Oils

It is such a challenge this time of year to keep everyone healthy.  I didn't really believe in the flu shot until a few years ago, and I am glad that we now get them.  I am hearing of a really nasty influenza going around our area.  In efforts to keep our family healthy we have developed a regimen involving essential oils that seems to be working.  Earlier this fall it kept the remaining 4 of us from getting that awful stomach virus, so since then I have definitely been a believer in this stuff!

What I have been doing with the kids is putting thieves oil on the bottoms of their feet and along their spine at night before bed. I have read that viruses originate in the spine, and putting it on the feet protects you when you are around others.  I think it takes something like 20 seconds for the oil to be absorbed by the body.  Awesome stuff huh?  I did this with the other two kids when Derek had the stomach flu, in addition to diffusing purification and thieves in the house and NO ONE else got sick!  This momma was extremely happy!

We've dealt with some minor colds in the house too thus far, and Nolan is congested this morning.  So, the recipe for him is peppermint on his chest to loosen that phlegm up along with RC on the chest AND he's sitting right next to the diffuser.  I have also put drops of thieves and peppermint in the humidifier and put it in the kids' rooms when they are coming down with something.

I use the oils every day and they are awesome!!  Hopefully they keep us healthy this holiday season!